Steve is a retarded ginger boy who wanted power. He became obsessed with his internet girlfriend, lottiepop. Sadly, lottie, who was at least semi-intelligent, became entirely devoted to Steve. Because of this, Steve caused unrest that would ultimately lead to his demise.

The Incomplete History of Steve that actually matters at all anymore Edit

Chapter One - Early Days Edit

Ah, the glory days. Back when PMNB was actually a decent community. Steven was a very good guy then, with his leading role in the children's show, Blue's Clues. But he wanted power. Eventually he got it. PMNB became the number one server on NetBattle, with Steve as its head.

Chapter Two - SNB Edit

This didn't satisfy Steve, however. He wanted more. He created a program, so powerful it could crash servers in an instant. It could be so stealthy, it could disguise its users as admins. This program was Steve's NetBattle, or SNB, which was a knockoff of DeathScythe4, which worked with NetBattle 9.6. Eventually, SNB found its way to his friends, such as Tom Jane. Celebi and friends also got a hold of it. Tom Jane was the one who gave the Brs SNB, and soon NetBattle was in a state of chaos, with PMNB attacking any server that would dare surpass it. All hope seemed lost, until Celebi came out...

Chapter Three - Version 0.9.7 Edit

After Cel and friends introduced 9.7, things got stable. However, Steve learned the true power of activity that is illegal in the UK. He began to DDoS attack all servers in his way. He also met lottiepop, became her friend, and gave her admins. All hope seemed lost when suddenly, PMNB was destroyed, inside and out. However, they recovered somehow. Then Bayleef appeared...

Chapter Four - Supremacy Edit

Everybody ran to DP Netbattle. But Steve still DoSed. He was eventually caught. However, after being regbanned, he continued to have influence through lottiepop. This caused people like Cel to leave the servers. However, they were caught and PMNB was entirely regbanned, even after Lottie was willing to help by getting a VPS. After this, Cel came back, only to have PMNB return under a different name. This time, stuff happened and NetBattle's registry was utterly shut down. With the shutdown, PMNB was lost to eternity, as Cel had gone to Shoddy. However, Bayleef revived NetBattle, and unbanned PMNB. However, Steve was caught DoSing again. This time, his regban, along with all of PMNB's, was permanent. To seal the deal, an official server was created by Bayleef's team. Thus ends the tyranny of Steve.

Personality Edit

If you say you're female, he wants in your pants. That is all.