NB server reg

A recent version of NB's Registry

Netbattle's Registry is basically what runs the program and is owned by one person (lol used to be.) Whoever is in posession of the most recent version is able to do a variety of things, such as sending Network-Wide Messages and banning users from the entire registry (basically, they are unable to view the Server list.)


Over the years, the Registry has been used and abused by many people, as if it were a cheap whore. It was originally owned by NB's creator, Tvsian, and given to Steve once Ian was "too busy" with his "girlfriend" to deal with it anymore.

Steve took care of the Registry for around a year, then gave it to about 8,547,768 of his friends. Apparently NickelBack, the king of Brazil, had it at one time. Fat Cel has also had the Registry several times.

It isn't known who owns the Registry now, or if it's even just a single person; its owner changes every 5 fucking seconds.


The Registry allows you to manipulate Netbattle in several ways:

  • Disconnect the Registry

This will prevent any servers from being listed.

  • Network-Wide Message

This allows you to send a message to all servers at once, in orange text instead of the usual blue/green/red.

  • Registry Ban

This feature lets you ban a person from the Registry.

You can also view the server list from the Registry window. The list is just a more descriptive version of the regular server list and shows the IP of servers.