I had no idea I was such a drama magnet. -- Rai

Sephiran (also known as Rai) is a veteran on Netbattle, having been in Netbattle for 4-5 years. He is known for his trolling, his log collection and his weird affinity to kill servers. He is known for taking down GSC RPG, DBF RPG, Smogon RPG, ATQ, Zeker, Lumine, Haxon and others. Very well known to RPG users. Perhaps the most hated person on Netbattle. However, he has now given up on killing servers, saying that "he matured".

Many things about Rai's history are unknown.


An enchanting tale of destruction.

Paradox Arena

Rai first came on during the Blue Heaven times, and after battling a few people, he left for reasons unknown.

Rai then eventually returned to Netbattle and came to Paradox Arena. He became a regular of Paradox Arena and met quite a few people. He didn't know then that he would be involved in huge amounts of drama.

Rai met many people, like Mayakashi, Nocturn, Lil' Scrappy, ss5 vegito and kaiba. He tried very hard to become a moderator and he eventually got this. Then one day, Rai went to PIL RPG..


Rai then became a regular at PIL RPG. He also met Cel, a very fat person indeed. Anyway, the first time he went on the server, he got mods. He rose to mega admins quickly. Eventually, a man named Bill3k started hosting. He had the guts to kick Cel out of his own server and he paid dearly for that.

Destruction of ATQ

Rai is very notorious among ATQ members, and the most hated, simply because he was once completely responsible for the destruction of ATQ. Rai hated clans very much. He always wanted to kill clans. Therefore, he decided to kill the largest clan: ATQ.

Quoted from ATQ's website:

"In order to revive the spirit of ATQ, Kyo and several faithful members like Chicken, Thunderbolt, Batoil and Legend helped out in joining new members in. Joining new members make the clan more alive, but one big mistake has been done.

Kyo went to Pokerealm (not sure if it’s the server) and fought Forte Raijectra. Kyo find that Forte has pretty good battle skills and being a mod in that server, Forte has given very good impression to Kyo and thus Kyo let him joined the clan. Forte Raijectra joined ATQ and was promoted very quickly to tier 3 because of his battling skills. He was once the better battler in ATQ. As promised in the rule, last time, having a tier 3 rank would be granted the forum admin.

Forte Raijectra was very arrogant in his time in ATQ. When some clan mates ask for suggestion in battling skills, he don't give a damned, and worse, call them a noob, say that noobs should quit NB. (Everyone was once a noob when they start NB, why don't Forte quit NB the moment he start.)

There even has a forum topic to vote whether Forte should be banned from ATQ. And the votes show 11 yes and 1 no. When he realise it, he post another topic, joking about this topic. No matter what jokes he has done to Atq members, Kyo did not expel Raijectra, because Kyo never expel anyone. This made Raijectra even more arrogant, and caused more people to hate him.''

Because of incoming exams, Kyo has to leave NB for a while. Now that Forte has no one to use as a cover for his arrogance, he is met with resentment from many other members. They scolded him back and said names about him, curse and sweared at him. In his rage, Raijectra, being an admin in the forum, went into the AdminCP and deleted all the post in the forum, and left Atq. The most important posts, that is the Memberlist and Strategies were all deleted. All the people's effort to make posts just went down the drain. For the memberlist section, we used to have 206 members, but after he deleted it, we lost track of the people. So i have to use the older memberlist which only has 156 members. This seemed like decreasing ATQ members by 50.

This is what he did to the forum:

(And thats the reason why NO ONE can be the forum admin beside the master and founder)"

One part was forgotten here. I was good friends with the owner of the ATQ server, Crate, and I told him to close the ATQ server, which he did.

Chaos Emblem

The fat fuck Cel decided to open a new server (out of his thousands) and this time create RPG games and he gathered people to work on it. This is how Cel became the backstabbing nigger he is known for. Cel's friends also consisted of people like Da Almighty Wombat and Soviet Kioku.

Soon, Cel's fetish for fapping to anime girls at the time (This hasn't stopped only recently until June '07, mind you, he's clean now) was commonly used against him by the burrowers.

[21:27:32] Celebi: I'am so happy guys. Dreams come true after all.

But soon, Cel had pissed off Raijectra, who at the time, was promised admins, and took it as (his famous line:) 'backstabbing', and fucked Cel over, also at the time, spewing the favorite quote: "Cel was up all night long playing Pokemon Stadium 2!!".


Celebi(RPG): .-.

Celebi(RPG): Just don't do it again

Arcane: Or nevermind here

Arcane: Anyway

Celebi(RPG): I'm begging you

Celebi(RPG): You're using my PMS weakness against me

Arcane: You did worse to me

Celebi(RPG): God I'll give you whatever you want

Celebi(RPG): Just name it

Celebi(RPG): Not on NB


Arcane: Let's see

Arcane: What about, a life time of respect and no backstabbing?

Celebi(RPG): Fine

Celebi(RPG): Fine

Celebi(RPG): FIne

Celebi(RPG): FIne

Celebi(RPG): Fine

Arcane: Don't spam before I do more

Celebi(RPG): Sorry

Arcane: I would also like my auth given back

Celebi(RPG): Fine

Celebi(RPG): There

Celebi(RPG): ok

Celebi(RPG): I promise not to fuck up again

Celebi(RPG): For real

Celebi(RPG): What else do you want me to do for you

Arcane: I'm trying to think

Arcane: Nothing else for now

Arcane: You're in luck

Celebi(RPG): Rai it wasn't hurting my feelings

Celebi(RPG): It was using my PMS problem against me

Arcane: I wonder why you said Kioku hurt your feelings

Celebi(RPG): And you're the first person to fully use that right

Celebi(RPG): He didn't

Celebi(RPG): He made me angry though

Arcane: But you said text does not effect you

Celebi(RPG): You see how you got me angry and it was text?

Celebi(RPG): Everyone can

Celebi(RPG): Even with words

Celebi(RPG): Because that's in me

Arcane: I don't get angry at anything on the internet

Arcane: When someone calls me a Nazi I do nothing

Celebi(RPG): Rai I know I needed that

Celebi(RPG): But you're lucky it was the internet only

Celebi(RPG): Because in real life, you'd pretty much end up...

Celebi(RPG): 1) In the hospital

Celebi(RPG): 2) Dead

Celebi(RPG): 3) ...

Celebi(RPG): You haven't seen me in real life man

Celebi(RPG): I've did it before

Celebi(RPG): Seriously, I was one of the feared people on the block a few years ago

Arcane: OH MY GOD


Celebi(RPG): I've been worse back then

Celebi(RPG): But because of the help out there

Celebi(RPG): I've settled down a bit

Celebi(RPG): It comes beyond me why I'm even talking this but meh

Celebi(RPG): Rai

Celebi(RPG): Back then I would

Celebi(RPG): Like 5-6 years ago

Celebi(RPG): Over the Internet, people won't dear even talk to me

Celebi(RPG): But I'm cooled now

Celebi(RPG): And yeah, me and my family have a long history behind us

Celebi(RPG): Canadians can kick ass, too

Celebi(RPG): Do you consider a person stabbing more than over 10 people in the past funny, Rai?

Celebi(RPG): I'm lucky I even got excused

Celebi(RPG): Or else I'd be still in jail

Celebi(RPG): It isn't that funny, Rai

Celebi(RPG): Unless you like to see blood

Celebi(RPG): Then I can see it funny for you

Celebi(RPG): Also rai

Celebi(RPG): Would you like a custom team?

Arcane: Did you kill anyone?

Arcane: I do not play this RPG

Celebi(RPG): Ok.

Celebi(RPG): And no like I said

Celebi(RPG): I don't do killing anymore

Celebi(RPG): Or I'll be killed

Arcane: But did you kill anyone

Celebi(RPG): These police force do not play games

Arcane: Before

Celebi(RPG): And yes


Hurricane Celebi: Read IM please so i can explain to you this shit

Hurricane Celebi: Had to do it

Hurricane Celebi: Stop inviting him

Hurricane Celebi: :/

Arcane: Please don't stab me mister

Hurricane Celebi: God would you shut up about that already?

Arcane: Okay fine

Hurricane Celebi: ._.

Arcane: But that was hilarious

Hurricane Celebi: Thank you.

Arcane: Which prison did you go to?

Hurricane Celebi: I told you I got excused

Hurricane Celebi: Because it was a disability

Hurricane Celebi: Which I could not control

Hurricane Celebi: And from that point I never did it again

Hurricane Celebi: Which was since 2004

Arcane: But you said you would still be in jail

Arcane: Which means you were in jail

Hurricane Celebi: Oh god excuse my horrible grammer

Arcane: So whose life have you ended?

Hurricane Celebi: IRL?

Hurricane Celebi: Or Internet

Arcane: Real life

Hurricane Celebi: If you mean IRL

Hurricane Celebi: 10+

Hurricane Celebi: Some blacks

Hurricane Celebi: !

Arcane: Why did you end their life?

Hurricane Celebi: We got into arugements

Hurricane Celebi: And I went overtoll because of my pms prob

Arcane: Have you ever been to prison?

Hurricane Celebi: No

Hurricane Celebi: And I'm lucky

Hurricane Celebi: Though as soon as they heard I had that problem they gave me injections and etc

Hurricane Celebi: And I cooled down

Arcane: How many people have you killed on the internet

Hurricane Celebi: None

Hurricane Celebi: Just real bad arugements

Arcane: With me included?

Arcane: You wanted to kill me, didn't you?

Hurricane Celebi: No lol

Hurricane Celebi: If it was 2000-2003

Hurricane Celebi: I would

Arcane: Do you know what PMS is?

Arcane: Do not go to Wikipedia

Hurricane Celebi: sorry eating

Hurricane Celebi: And no


Hurricane Celebi: it means permenstrual syndrome

Arcane: Premenstrual

Arcane: Anyway

Arcane: Nevermind that

Arcane: So what is your history with your family?

Hurricane Celebi: past members had that prob

Arcane: Past members?

Hurricane Celebi: and I gtg soon so hurry

Arcane: Did you kill them with your knife?

Hurricane Celebi: yeah

Hurricane Celebi: Uh no

Hurricane Celebi: They did with other people though

Arcane: So what is your history

Arcane: With your parents and brothers

Hurricane Celebi: gtg


But soon the Burrowers deserted Cel.

...Then his monitor blew out and he was missing for 3 months.


Rai was immensely bored with Netbattle, and decided to simply go to the Burrow and read funny logs. He posted logs of Cel, Dark Lugia and furries. He showed his trolling potential first when he did something all of the Burrow wasn't able to do, crack Dark Lugia. His personality changed immensely.

Arcane: You're ripping off Kioku

Arcane: Hahahaha

Arcane: I heard you broke up with Lycos?

Soviet Dark Lugia: I can be cool too, see? I'm a Soviet!!!!1

Arcane: You broke up with Lycos

Soviet Dark Lugia: Nah

Soviet Dark Lugia: Who told you this? Wombat? Maya?

Soviet Dark Lugia: Of course, Wombat probably exagerated something I said

Arcane: So are you still with Lycos?

Soviet Dark Lugia: I still talk to him, not as much, but still

Arcane: What happened?

Soviet Dark Lugia: Nothing really.

Soviet Dark Lugia: Nothing special

Arcane: Something happened

Arcane: Tell me

Soviet Dark Lugia: I said nothing note worthy happened

Soviet Dark Lugia: Want me to make up something?

Soviet Dark Lugia: To give you something to talk about?

Arcane: Something happened between you two

Arcane: Tell me

Soviet Dark Lugia: Not between me and Lycos, but I don't talk to him as much since i'm busy with other persons and other stuff lately

Soviet Dark Lugia: Of course stuff happen, bit I haven't broke up or anything like this

Arcane: You're cheating on him?

Soviet Dark Lugia: No, and I haven't done anything with him since a really long time by the way

Arcane: Why did you quit cybering Lycos?

Soviet Dark Lugia: Because, I don't do this all the time, its fun, but you get bored eventualy

Arcane: So you quit being homosexual?

Soviet Dark Lugia: Nah, i'm still like i've always been

Arcane: Are you proud of being homosexual?

Soviet Dark Lugia: No, i'm not running around claming it like a real fag

Soviet Dark Lugia: And I hate those

Arcane: Do you cyber people other than Lycos?

Soviet Dark Lugia: Yeah, sometime, but not often, like I said, I like to cyber, but not all the time

Soviet Dark Lugia: Or it get boring

Arcane: So, can you tell me why you never talk with Lycos much anymore?

Soviet Dark Lugia: I'm still friend with Lycos, but just don't talk to him much lately, because he isn't the only person I know, I can't talk to him 24/7

Soviet Dark Lugia: And its not like i'm ignoring him, he don't talk to me much either

Soviet Dark Lugia: But its not by hate or anything like this

Arcane: Just tell me why

Soviet Dark Lugia: Well, maybe because I made another good friend lately, and like to discuss with him too, Lycos isn't the only interesting person out there

Soviet Dark Lugia: He understood, and didn't got mad or anything

Soviet Dark Lugia: I was surprised

Soviet Dark Lugia: Yeah

Arcane: So who is this person you cyber now?

Soviet Dark Lugia: Someone I found randomly, not on NB

Arcane: How did you meet him?

Soviet Dark Lugia: Found his live journal

Soviet Dark Lugia: And read it

Arcane: What animal is he in real life?

Soviet Dark Lugia: Well, he is a dragon like me, thats why I am with him, since im into dragons

Arcane: Can you explain your transformation into a Dragon?

Soviet Dark Lugia: I stoped talking about this, I can say i'm not a dragon, happy now?

Arcane: I really thought you were a Dragon!

Soviet Dark Lugia: I don't force you to think this, I you want to see me as a dragon its ok, if you don't want to I wont force you.

Arcane: Can you give me the link to his life journal?

Soviet Dark Lugia: No, sorry, I found it by accident and lost the page a while ago

Soviet Dark Lugia: Don't know what name he used for it

Soviet Dark Lugia: So I cant find it anymore


Rai would have many, many encounters with furries, some of which are even more disgusting than usual. Norulz was a leading furry.

[16:49:28] Vash the Stampede: i must go to AGNPH and look at flareon hentai yeah sure im a furry alright kioku

[15:50:40] Vash the Stampede: So fucking what if i masturbate to flareon you faggots

[11:59:37] Vash the Stampede: i have fantasies about giant flareon pussy


Arcane: Vash masturbates to Flareon

Arcane: He admitted it

Marionette Owl: Yeah well, Neon masturbated to Lapras

Marionette Owl: i masturbated to Gardevoir



Norulz: and Kioku doesn't really have a life, besides always "being there" for Wombat.

Norulz: The first time he came out of his hole, he needed orientation so he wouldn't get lost.

Norulz: By, I'm guessing, Wombat?


[10:05:23] Norulz: Well, I was in agph and I just saw a hot pic.

[10:05:26] Norulz: There, that's why.


However, Rai viewed the Burrow as imperfect. Rai then temporarily left.

Smogon RPG

Rai instantly became a mod on Smogon RPG, as he was known for being great in RPGs. He was promoted to admins quite quickly. He also became the greatest champion of the server, rarely being beaten at all. He was hated though, and was called a tyrant.

Stryker became the host of SRPG out of nowhere. Stryker then kicked out Rai, mainly because he wasn't liked. This annoyed Rai, and he decided to destroy Smogon RPG. He gathered a team of Cel, Jus, Vash and ss5 vegito to destroy Pokemon RPG. Rai and vegito banned everyone from the RPG while Rai makepoked everyone's pokemon into a team of Magikarps, Jus, Vash and Cel botted and spammed the server. During this time, a legendary log came out that many people on NB would know about.


Arcane: Hello there.

Arcane: Iamwwf.

iamwwf[Sleeping]: oh

iamwwf[Sleeping]: oh i didn't go to the wrong sever

iamwwf[Sleeping]: k i would play aoc within 5 mins

Arcane: I'm gaining back power.

Arcane: Admins.

Later on..

Arcane: Hello there.

Arcane: Iamwwf.

iamwwf[Sleeping]: oh

iamwwf[Sleeping]: oh i didn't go to the wrong sever

iamwwf[Sleeping]: k i would play aoc within 5 mins

Arcane: Stryker is going down.

Arcane: I'm gaining back power.

Arcane: Admins.

iamwwf[Sleeping]: if you have any things to talk, just within 5 mins

Sephiroth.: Hey bitch.

Sephiroth.: I'm admin now.

iamwwf[Pro-stryker]: oh arcane

iamwwf[Pro-stryker]: i'm wrong

iamwwf[Pro-stryker]: you are the great

iamwwf[Pro-stryker]: just let me alive in the sever please

Sephiroth.: You are as lame as ever, iamwwf.

Sephiroth.: And I'm going to ban you.

Sephiroth.: I'm just waiting until Shiv says it's time.


Sephiroth.: You talked behind my back.

Sephiroth.: And you're going to pay.

Sephiroth.: With a ban.

Sephiroth.: Hahahaha!

Sephiroth.: You're going to pay.

iamwwf[Pro-Arcane]: no please

Sephiroth.: Shiv says I can ban you.

iamwwf[Pro-Arcane]: i'm realy wrong

Sephiroth.: So I will ban you.

Sephiroth.: You can't suck up this time!

Sephiroth.: Hahahahaha.

Sephiroth.: You're going to be BANNED.

Sephiroth.: Now pee in your pants.

Sephiroth.: And tremble on your seat.

iamwwf[Pro-Arcane]: NOOOOOOOOOOO


Sephiroth.: Are you happy?

iamwwf[Pro-Arcane]: NOOOOOOOOOOOO

Sephiroth.: Because I'm going to ban you!

Sephiroth.: Yes I am.

iamwwf[Pro-Arcane]: no please

Sephiroth.: You'll lose your team and EVERYTHING!

iamwwf[Pro-Arcane]: NOOOOOOOOOO

Sephiroth.: You'll NEVER come back.

Sephiroth.: NEVER.

Sephiroth.: It's your fault.

iamwwf[Pro-Arcane]: you are right

iamwwf[Pro-Arcane]: i'm realy a idiot

Sephiroth.: I'm still banning you.

iamwwf[Pro-Arcane]: NOOOOOOOOO

Sephiroth.: You'll never be unbanned.

iamwwf[Pro-Arcane]: please no

Sephiroth.: NEVER.

Sephiroth.: I'm going to ban you soon.

iamwwf[Pro-Arcane]: NOOOOOOOO

Sephiroth.: Enjoy your REMAINING time!

iamwwf[Pro-Arcane]: NOOOOOOOOOOOO

Sephiroth.: HAHAHAHAH




Sephiroth.: FOREVER.

Sephiroth.: AND FOREVER.

Sephiroth.: AND FOREVER.


iamwwf[Pro-Arcane]: i won't do that again





Sephiroth.: IT'S GONE

Sephiroth.: YOU'RE BANNED

iamwwf[Pro-Arcane]: NOOOOOOOOOOOOo

Sephiroth.: BYE

iamwwf[Pro-Arcane]: NOOOOOOO

iamwwf[Pro-Arcane]: PLEASE NO

Sephiroth.: No.

Sephiroth.: I'm banning you.

iamwwf[Pro-Arcane]: NOOOOOOO

Sephiroth.: Until you die.

iamwwf[Pro-Arcane]: NOOOOOOO

Sephiroth.: Are you happy?

Sephiroth.: It's your point?

Sephiroth.: I mean.

Sephiroth.: It's your fault.

iamwwf[Pro-Arcane]: NOOOOOOOO

Sephiroth.: You're going to be BANNED.

iamwwf[Pro-Arcane]: NOOOOOOO



iamwwf[Pro-Arcane]: NOOOOOOOOO




Sephiroth.: IN THE RPG

Sephiroth.: HAHAHA

iamwwf[Pro-Arcane]: NOOOOOOOO


Sephiroth.: GET IT

Sephiroth.: FOREVER

iamwwf[Pro-Arcane]: NOOOOOOOOO

Sephiroth.: Haha.

Sephiroth.: Are you crying?

Sephiroth.: In real life?

iamwwf[Pro-Arcane]: yes.......

Sephiroth.: Really?

iamwwf[Pro-Arcane]: yes......

Sephiroth.: Hahaha!

Sephiroth.: Crybaby

Sephiroth.: How old are you?

Sephiroth.: Tell me.

Sephiroth.: The truth.

iamwwf[Pro-Arcane]: 12


iamwwf[Pro-Arcane]: do you realy know?

iamwwf[Pro-Arcane]: *want to know

Sephiroth.: You'll be banned forever.

Sephiroth.: Cry forever.

Sephiroth.: Because you'll be banned forever.

iamwwf[Pro-Arcane]: NOOOOOOOOOOO


iamwwf[Pro-Arcane]: NOOOOOOOOO

Sephiroth.: Are you crying now?

iamwwf[Pro-Arcane]: yes....

Sephiroth.: Still?

Sephiroth.: Is this RPG that important to you?

iamwwf[Pro-Arcane]: yes

Sephiroth.: Do you really love this RPG?

Sephiroth.: With your heart?

iamwwf[Pro-Arcane]: yes

Sephiroth.: I'll unban you

Sephiroth.: If you do something for me

iamwwf[Pro-Arcane]: THANKKKKKK

iamwwf[Pro-Arcane]: what thing

Sephiroth.: Wait.

Sephiroth.: I'm trying to get the picture.


Sephiroth.: Masturbate to hm

Sephiroth.: him

Sephiroth.: Masturbate

iamwwf[I am Idiot]: .......

Sephiroth.: To get unbanned.

Sephiroth.: You want to be unbanned?

Sephiroth.: Do it.

Sephiroth.: If you want to.

iamwwf[I am Idiot]: yes

Sephiroth.: Masturbate to him.

Sephiroth.: To be unbanned.

iamwwf[I am Idiot]: ........

Sephiroth.: Only way.

Sephiroth.: I'm sorry.

Sephiroth.: You have to.

Sephiroth.: So do it.

iamwwf[I am Idiot]: ....

Sephiroth.: ALRIGHT

Sephiroth.: You're banned.

iamwwf[I am Idiot]: doing

iamwwf[I am Idiot]: NOOOOOOOOOO

Sephiroth.: Are you masturbating?

Sephiroth.: If you masturbate you'll be unbanned

iamwwf[I am Idiot]: yes...

Sephiroth.: Continue masturbating.

Sephiroth.: Continue.

iamwwf[I am Idiot]: continuing

Sephiroth.: Yeah

Sephiroth.: Do it.

Sephiroth.: More.

Sephiroth.: You're masturbating to the fat guy, right?

iamwwf[I am Idiot]: yes

Sephiroth.: Yes.

Sephiroth.: He's handsome isn't he?

iamwwf[I am Idiot]: honestly, no

Sephiroth.: Okay, just masturbate to him.

Sephiroth.: Okay, done yet?

Sephiroth.: So did you have fun masturbating to that fat guy?

iamwwf[I am Idiot]: not yet

iamwwf[I am Idiot]: its difficult

iamwwf[I am Idiot]: no

Sephiroth.: Alright.

Sephiroth.: Continue.

Sephiroth.: Do more.

Sephiroth.: Tell me when you finish, and you'll be unbanned!

Sephiroth.: That's what you want, right!

iamwwf[I am Idiot]: finished

Sephiroth.: I hate to blow it to you.

Sephiroth.: But you're homosexual now!

iamwwf[I am Idiot]: .........

Sephiroth.: Just joking.

Sephiroth.: Thanks for that, you might be unbanned

iamwwf[I am Idiot]: THANKKKKKKKK

Sephiroth.: You made me laugh so hard.

Sephiroth.: I said MIGHT.

Sephiroth.: You might be banned.

Sephiroth.: I hate people who talk behind my back.

Sephiroth.: Wait.

iamwwf[I am Idiot]: .........

Sephiroth.: Fine.

Sephiroth.: I'm unbanning you.

Sephiroth.: Forever.

Sephiroth.: Happy?

iamwwf[I am Idiot]: THANKKKKKKKKK

iamwwf[I am Idiot]: YESSSSSSSSSSSS

Sephiroth.: Also you're homosexual now.

Sephiroth.: Don't be too happy.

Sephiroth.: You're gay.

Sephiroth.: I'm joking!

Sephiroth.: Don't worry.

Sephiroth.: You're straight.

Sephiroth.: You're unbanned and you can keep your team.

Sephiroth.: Are you happy now?

iamwwf[I am Idiot]: THANKKKKKKK

Sephiroth.: One last thing.

Sephiroth.: If you want to be unbanned.

Sephiroth.: Say you're homosexual.

iamwwf[I am Idiot]: what

Sephiroth.: Come on.

iamwwf[I am Idiot]: i am homosexual

iamwwf[I am Idiot]: YESSSSSSSSS


Kaiba then forced Stryker to leave.


Rai became a coowner on GSC RPG II. He, for the first time, tried his best to improve the forums and server and was liked by the server. However, Haxon decided to brainwash Cel to remove Rai from the server, which would be the downfall of both of them.

CM and DBF constantly were at eachothers throats; until CM merged into GSC, when even people such as Raijectra had coownered it. Then, GSC and DBF went into some huge drama-ish conflicts, which eventually got settled but never fully.

Then, Cel was brainwashed by Haxon to deauth Rai. Though he was not disliked, Haxon convinced Cel to make fake logs in order to kick Rai out, even though Rai was completely managing the server. Cel had backstabbed Rai once again, and Rai decided to end it once and for all. Since everyone who was good with Rai was on GSC, Rai had a huge lack of people to attack Cel. First of all, since he owned GSC RPG's forums, he closed that. His master plans second stage was to manipulate DBF into helping him, and this resulted him in getting Blue Kirby's help, which would be a huge help later on. Then, he spread GSC RPG's scripts and registry to every server on Netbattle, including the Brazilian ones. The Brazilian ones would eventually go to Cel and tell him that Rai had given them the script. Anyway, Rai had also remembered the password which Cel gave him about 2-3 years ago and he used that to attack his new forums.

However, Rai knew that this wasn't enough. He only had himself and Blue Kirby in the attack on GSC. Rai told Blue Kirby to get the trust of GSC RPG and make scripts for them. Blue Kirby gave them a script which would crash Cel's server with a command. Rai knew that this still wasn't enough. However, Vash the Stampede, ruined this for Rai and Blue Kirby and told Cel.

In the final stage, Rai knew that his friends were keylogging people on Runescape. Using someone to act as a friend who was very pissed off by Rai and wanted to beat him, Cel was keylogged. Now, Rai got control of Cel's MSN account, AIM account and many other things. Cel was forced to give up, and Rai decided to work together with him in destroying DBF, because Zeker was trying to virus him.


While Rai was nice to the people on DBF RPG and decided against trolling them, Zeker still wanted to virus him. While Rai didn't want to attack servers anymore, he was forced to do this. He gathered a team of attackers including Cel, Icy and Steve. His plan was to keylog Zeker, and on September, he did so. He got some logs of him, but it stopped working for some reason..

During this time, Rai made another plan to destroy DBF RPG. He made a forum on Proboards to utilize a glitch which allowed him to get passwords of the people who join the forums. This failed, but he got something even more useful..

Haxon joined the forum. His password was "darkness". Rai instantly attacked his MSN accounts.

Anyway, for a month, Rai interestingly didn't get any logs on Zeker. He started getting them, and he attacked the forums as soon as he could. He got Zeker's home address and phone number, destroyed DBF's IP, destroyed a forum with 1000 members and at the mean time he got his team of attackers to destroy the server. Naturally, Zeker quit.

To be continued..

Nowadays, Rai can be seen on PIL RPG.


Rai was far, far more different than your usual server killer. He didn't have any tools to kill servers. Instead, he relied on his planning and manipulation skills to kill a server.

Rai is also known for his trolling. His log collection can be seen here: