Paradox Arena was a server on NetBattle that ran from late 2003 to early 2006. It was the first server to compete with Smogon for the top spot on the registry.

Early Days

Paradox Arena was started by Nocturn in late 2003. He was a fan of the Pokemon games who wanted a place for him and his friends to come together. The server was sporadically on and nearly faded into obscurity in the winter of 2005 until Chromatic noticed that it was run 24/7. Chromatic didn't feel like hosting a server during all hours of a day, so he approached Nocturn with the idea, and both saw the potential for a great server. The Sky Fortress was reborn and regularly traded the top spot with Smogon, unfortunately, Nocturn backstabbed Chromatic and gave Hollister (then known as Blazeruler) ownership of the server. The old name was retained and while it still had a large following, it would never again reach such heights.

Smogon vs. Paradox Arena

Blazeruler wasn't satisfied with the fact that PA had the second-largest English-speaking population and so began a flame war with some Smogon moderators. Lil' Scrappy enflamed the situation by botting the Smogon server and PA suddenly found itself in the crosshairs. A number of Smogon regulars and new players looking to prove themselves came to the server in droves, some harassing the PA regulars in the main chat and others botting behind the scenes. Nocturn had enough of the constant arguing and lag on his computer, so he took a break from hosting for a few weeks and nearly ended PA right then and there.

A Rebirth, New Competition, and the Slow Decline

Chromatic decided to forgive Blazeruler and together, they worked together to convince Nocturn that relaunching PA was in the best interests of NB. It was during this time that an upstart server known as PokeRealm came on the scene. A number of Paradox authority and regulars were interested in forming a partnership, but were rebuffed as elitists who planned to overtake the server. This was a critical mistake on PokeRealm's part and it led to a bitter rivalry between PR and PA. Kaiba, Forte Raijectra, and Chromatic crashed the server with spambots, nearly destroying it in the process. Unfortunately, PA was unable to capitalize on this, as Nocturn took a few weeks off during the summer. Kaiba jumped ship and went to PokeRealm, helping them to crash servers in direct competition with it and becoming the No. 2 server on NetBattle. Paradox Arena returned to find a different landscape and was immediately targeted by both the Smogon and PokeRealm communities. Nocturn decided to continue hosting PA, but made it a password-protected server, deciding that the success wasn't worth the drama. It remained on NetBattle until late 2006, never having more than 5 people at a time in it.