True men

There are only four men to ever exist on Netbattle

  • Chrisie - She is tied for manliest man to ever exist on Netbattle. She was given the title automatically in late 2007.
  • Jyuck - The original man. When he came in late 2006 to the server Hell's Flames his popularity in the server exploded. Within a month he had mods because of how much of a man he was. best at games marveled at the manliness that is Jyuck. He is tied for manliest man to ever exist on Netbattle.
  • Kirby - This is an interesting story for a man. He constantly loses it due to his actions on Netbattle servers yet he manages to earn it back. He came to Netbattle some time in 2004. He is not the original man because being a MAN only became a big deal in late 2007.
  • Punslinger - This man was born a man. He did not have to earn the title like the other three. He came to Netbattle in the middle of 2007. Everything he did exuded manliness and still does. The only problem with this man is the fact that he is a ginger, and the only reason he keeps his man title is because the original man allowed him to.

How to become a MAN

There is only one way to become a man, and that is to be granted the title by Jyuck and Chrisie. But what possible reason could they have for granting you the man title?

  • Owning brs
  • Achieving BAMF status and maintaining this status for an extended period of time
    • It is possible to keep this title while a man, though only the original man has been able to do so. In fact he's the only one with the title at this point in time.
  • Constant use of profanity
  • Causing fear the moment you sign onto a server
  • Eats whatever and whenever they damn well please
  • Not a furry
  • Not a br
  • Born a MAN
  • Not an emo
  • Not a pussy