Who IS kirby?

In the year 1992, an extremely racist, sexist, perverted white male was born. His name is Dickard Petterson. In 2005, after jerking off to tubgirl, he somehow stumbled upon Pokemon Netbattle. Since 2005, he has been gracing the world of NB with his unique system of thought. In late 2007 to early 2008 he officially became a man. He was given this title by Jyuck and Chrisie. He is the fourth man in the existence of NB. He has had his title revoked by Jyuck, usually because of his racist comments, but he gets it back after a period of time. One could make the argument that Kirby is the manliest of all the men due to the fact that he's been given the title so often, but in reality he is the weakest link.

Hatred of niggers

In 2000, while walking down a store. lil' richie was walking back from the corner store with a bag full of candy and grape fruit snacks. In the middle of the cold winter night, a mysterious, murky figured had appeared out of nowhere. Completely bewildered at how this unidentified figured appeared out of nowhere, he was even more shocked when it revealed its face. Only 8 years old at this point, he was easily frightened by anything. When the nigger took its hood off, Kirby had witnessed disgusting hair that looked like his pubes, which were now starting to grow in, huge bloodshot eyes as if he had smoked weed, greasy wide nose, and the biggest lips he had ever seen. This was the first shocking object and the first nigger Kirby had ever seen. The nigger had violently ran up to lil' richie and mugged him. At this point in little shock, lil' richie ran back home like a little bitch. Lil' richie would eventually grow up to be a powerful racist, whom most niggers would learn to never mess with the white man again.

What does Kirby really look like?


Kirby is NOT ugly

Not many people on the internet, let NB alone, know what Kirby actually looks like. However, contrary to popular belief, Kirby is NOT ugly.

Sources indicate that this is not Kirby's real picture, as he was born american, his skin is not white, as of beaners whom are often brown and/or black, this is infact a picture of Sephiran [or often known as Forte Raijectra] not to be confused with random beaners mind you.