This guy... Well... Lets jst say he's an RPG freak. Starting off at 2007, KakerZone X, or Kakeru, started playing Smogon RPG. He eventually got banned for leaking the password for Gym Leaders. Shiv/Kaiba was nice to unban him, but Lemony and him found out the Gym Leaders password again. He was caught being a Gym Leader, and got banned. Permentantly.

Then came along GSC RPG, DBF and many RPG's. KakerZone offered his help, and eventually got mods in DBF. But then, DBF merged with Smogon RPG, and lost his authority because of what he had did.

Celebi and his gang did not like this, either. KakerZone went to GSC RPG, and got invited to help bring DBF down. He accepted, but shortly departed from the gang after a while. Celebi and him became friends.

This guy still runs many RPGs. Most of them are failures. Most of them suck dick like him. And now he is trying to run a Wi-Fi Stadium. o_o