Da Almighty Wombat is the most hated person on NetBattle. The simple mention of his name can spark outrage and debate. Many others have tried to lay claim to this title, but have not caused as much fear. In fact, the level of hatred Wombat gathered was truly remarkable, considering his server was typically on the bottom of the server registry list. Wombat repeatedly forced the server, VFD and many others to shut down through harassment, ridicule, and pressure. It should be noted most, if not all hatred for Da Almighty Wombat comes from those he picked on. This includes, but is not limited to: Furries, Cybersex losers, the intelligence impaired, and role players.

Years ago, Wombat owned a server called Wombat's Burrow. For some reason, it scared the stupid and perverse. NetBattle furries trembled in fear from mention of his name. Regulars to the Wombat's Burrow server even gained demonyms from these idiots. Example: Wombations, Wombatinites ( Some lame spin-off with the -ite from Smogonite? ), Wombats, Burrower, Wombatalamadingdong Times New Roman McTwist 540. Even though Wombat has not used NetBattle for almost two years, people continue to whine about him. He is well known for Wombat's Laws of the Internet.

Most of the scripts people claim to have created on NetBattle are actually Wombat's creation. Typically, it is a modified copy of an obsolete older version of the Burrow's script. The string "+Aura" is replaced. It's usually easy to spot and if a person's bragging about a script they "created", it's probably this one.

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