alonzo engaging in a battle with a fellow br

A battle is the difference between life and death. The winner stays on the server to continue fighting, while the loser signs off and is never seen again. It is believed that after signing off, the loser tends to commit suicide due to the fact that Pokemon is not just a game, it's a lifestyle.

Battling on NetBattle


The surefire way to obtain a battle

On Netbattle, you have the freedom of creating your own team and choosing things such as your Pokemons' movesets and EVs. After completing a team, you will be able to battle with other trainers on a server.

Nowadays on Netbattle, brs do most of the battling (because NB is new and exciting to them), while more of the experienced, mostly English trainers tend to live on Away mode. This is probably because of the constant challenges issued by brs.

Although, some brs do not know how to challenge and instead spam the main chat, begging for a battle. Some brs that have at least one brain cell do know how to challenge, but they usually fuck it up simply by checking every box in the challenge window (including CC and Double Battle). Some brs, however, check either one clause or no clauses which is just as bad.



An example of a br that uses too little clauses

On Netbattle challenge windows, you are able to choose from a variety of clauses. You can check more than one, and most noobs take advantage of this and check every damn thing.

  • For a list of Netbattle clauses and explanations of them, look here: clauses


Here is a list of the main metagames on Netbattle. Click on them for a further explanation (If any of the links are broken, they will be added soon.)

Note: The RBY/GSC/RSE metagames also include OU, UU, and so on.

Battling Ingame


Don't even fucking try

Battling on the actual Pokemon games is a lot different from Netbattle in the sense that you can't manipulate your Pokemon as much, among many other things. Although, it is extremely easy considering all trainers on the game are noobs. Unless you encounter a Snorlax of course.


Pokemon battling tournaments may be held in your area, but you're asking the wrong person about that type of shit. Tournaments occur on Netbattle too, typically with the help of a script specifically designed to do the match-ups and such.

Netbattle tournaments usually consist of eight people, or any other number divisible by four. If you happen to win, you get the best prize ever: bragging rights. You should take advantage of this and gloat constantly because everybody will love you then.

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