Banter is a user who joined Netbattle back in 2005, the good days. After accidently finding the Hell's Flames server moments before they took it off the reg indefinitely, he became a regular there and specialized playing the UU tier.

Getting bored with Netbattle, he eventually wound up in an RPG server, Smogon RPG.

He continued playing RPGs and was really not anybody that anybody noticed until he met Cel during one of DBF and GSC's fights.

Cel quickly took a liking to Banter, and Banter left DBF to go play at Cel's RPG. After being taken under Cel's wing, he became a regular to all of Cel's servers after that point. He didn't have any key roles in anything until Cel reopened the NNN and Banter became one of its new founding members along with Cel.

Banter had his own agenda at this point, tired of the constant bickering and fighting on netbattle, and also found the idea of using precious comp usage for something as pointless as taking down netbattle servers to be quite retarded. Steve and Cel were still of course on opposite sides of the playing field, and Banter sat somewhere in the middle, not caring what happened as long as shit ended eventually.

At this point, Banter met Koga and Athrun. Deciding that this would be a good time to end the stupidity, Banter acted as an inside man. After getting TR to believe that Koga had keylogged him, Cel freaked out as Banter knew he would at the knowledge that Koga was now his enemy. Convincing Cel that perhaps the keylogger had been spread through files from TR to him, Cel and TR system restored to an unknown date, losing valuable botting programs. At this point, Banter gave them the bots again, this time actually embedded with a keylogger, and had 1up'd both of them..

Cel then became worried of a mole in the group. Banter, of course, convinced him that it was anybody but him, and at one point at Cel crying to him over msn that "He's the only one he can trust".

Random events happened, and in the end of things, Banter was found out when he gave Steve the silver keys to Cel's NNN server. However, he was not banned or spited, because he was the middleman who helped Steve and Cel work out their differences, which Cel saw as a good thing. After that, the NNN was closed.