Babelfish it is most popular the most convenient place and to translate languages foreign. Sad, the abundance of the words tends to be left unnafected had to the calão of the br. The examples of these words include:

  • vc: stands for 'voce'
  • tb: tambem
  • s: sometimes they shorten 'sim' to this
  • pq: por que (means "why")

Usage of Babelfish by brs

Babelfish is a useful, but not perfect translator. it tends to make dirty with phrase structure, frequent having for result the funny wording. Some brs use babelfish to translate its language to the English. A good way to observe this phenomenon is to write something in English (it adds fluff for better very resulted) tradu it then to the Portuguese, then in return to the English. They are some examples here:

  • Original: Would anyone be kind enough to send me a battle please? I really want to play.
After back&forth: Any one would be amiable sufficient to emit me a battle please? I really want to play.
  • Original: I am the best trainer on this server, is anyone brave enough to challenge? Try for yourself and taste defeat!
After back&forth: Me he is optimum instructor in this user, is any a brave one sufficiently to defy? Attempt same Mr. and the defeat of the taste!

Other Uses

The majority of this page was back&forth'd through Babelfish. Other than that, there probably isn't anybody else that would use Babelfish save for foreigners.