Authority, or auth, is a term for having the power to do a variety of server management actions on the game NetBattle. There are 3 built in levels: User, which can do nothing, Moderator, which can kick and TempBan people, and Administrator, which can do all what moderators can do, except they can permaban - SID or IP.

Common scripted authority

Most scripters will make an authority script nowadays. The first uses for it was to maintain auth when a person changes names. Now, it's login based to avoid SID hacking. However, most server owners go crazy with this idea, and invent several new auth levels, most which are not needed. Some good exmaples are:

  • Mega User
  • Super Mod
  • Super Mega Mod
  • Mega Administrator
  • Extreme Administrator
  • Owner

While only 2 out of these, Mega User and Owner make the most sense, the rest are stupid and pointless and you should refrain from using them.

Mega User usually allows the person to only mute. It serves as a spot where you may want to auth a friend, but want to keep the auth down to a minimum. If this is your case, stick whoever it is in question here.

Owner, or SOMETIMES referred to as Mega Administrator, makes the most sense out of any of these scripted ranks. Usually, owner gives, usually the hoster all the major script parts of the server, like a scripted /SaveValue or Authing Commands. It also may allow the person in question to MassMute or open and close the server.


Most people, mainly brs or randoms like to abuse auth. Usually, they think having auth makes them instantly cool. A good example is when you beat them, they get angry and ban the user that beat them. Other cases may be if the user disagrees with the main admin and said main admin gets pissed off and kicks that guy. (see Haxon)


Hey guys, I have auth! Me too. Small world, huh?

Too much auth can lead to crisis, and occasionally ends up in very bad situations if someone goes haywire. Alot of people do this.

In a nutshell: Auth is vital to servers, but also for the cool kids thinking they can be as cool as Richard Simmons.